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Jewish Gangsters of the Lower East Side Tour

Quick Details

Meets at the corner of Canal & Forsyth streets in Chinatown.

No public tours currently available. Please call to book a private Jewish gangsters tour.

Otherwise known as the “Kosher Nostra,” two generations of Jewish gangsters introduced loan sharking, large-scale gambling and contract killing to the world of organized crime. In the cramped tenements of the Lower East Side, they swore that they would never suffer and flee like their forefathers did.

Admire the faded glory of what was once one of the largest Jewish communities in the world while hearing the stories of wise guys with colorful and notorious names like Meyer Lansky, “Red” Levine, “Bugsy” Siegel and “Gurrah” Shapiro. This was where the greatest Jewish gangsters in America got in, got rich, and got out!