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Gangster Walking Tours in NYC

Organized Crime is real. We take you to where it all happened, from the earliest Irish and American street gangs of the Five Points to the Jewish, Italian, Chinese Mafias that sprouted up all over downtown. They rose together, went to war with each other and did business together, creating a new urban criminal class that both stayed true to their Old World roots, yet became something authentically urban and unmistakeably American. We take you to where it all happened, and we show and tell you how the business went down.

Our talented, experienced and well-read, well-trained guides mix the documented history of New York’s most notorious criminals with local neighborhood legend and folklore and even our own theories as to what really happened and is still happening on the streets, alleys, cafes, restaurants, social clubs and dark hidden corners of the city that never sleeps.

These tours run every weekend on a regular schedule. But can also be booked as a private tour. For just you and your family (or your “Family”). Our phones are available from 12pm – 6pm on weekdays, conditionally. (Even the Boss has gotta be out working the streets most days!) You’re likely to get a more prompt response via email.

Any questions, please consult our Rules/Fine Print page or email [email protected]